Too scared to diversify?

I'm starting to take a close look at the novels I write. While I often use diverse secondary characters, my main characters are painfully similar: white girls with issues. And in today's world of romance novels, that is the sad norm. 

So... why haven't I written a black hero or heroine yet? 

The best things this week...

Ever wonder where to distribute your self-published audiobooks? Don't believe those stats that ebook sales are being trumped by print? Wonder if you're breaking the law with your mailing list? 

I scoured the internet and found the best tidbits to share with you, check them out in this post.

Tips on Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads. The two words that haunt our author marketing nightmares and can either increase sales or drain your bank account. Few authors have mastered the art of Facebook Ads, and I wanted to bring an expert in to share some tips on this elusive, but effective, marketing tool.


The world has gone mad and "censorship" is the word that is flitting around the romance community.

Just this week, Amazon's new policy has stripped any erotica titles of exposure and hides them into impossible-to-find corners of their store. 

Interview with a Ghostwriter

It recently occurred to me that I am essentially clueless about the ghostwriting profession. How does it work? What do these anonymous authors earn? And does it bother them when they see their novels succeeding with someone else's name plastered in glossy letters on the front cover?

Using two newsletter providers?

If you've been in the newsletter game for more than a minute, you've probably run into the painful experience of wanting to add a newsletter subscriber pop-up box, or form, somewhere that only has integration with MailChimp. But guess what? There is a solution.

Tapping the mic...

Hello? Hello? Is anybody out there who leaves reviews anymore???

Finding reviewers for your book can feel a lot like combing the beach for your may get lucky, but just as likely won't. But don't despair. There's an awesome service, designed just for you--and it's a lot cheaper than you think.