3 Secrets of Self-Publishing Success...

3 Secrets of Self-Publishing Success...

This afternoon, I was on Reedsy LIVE and shared three secrets of self-publishing success. Check out the video:

Here are some additional references from that mini-workshop:

SECRET #1: A Kick-Butt Blurb

Want clear directions for building a great blurb? This video details why your book's blurb is crucially important and shares my easy equation for creating one: 

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SECRET #2: The Most Important Social Network

Goodreads is the ONLY social network that caters exclusively to readers, and it is a crucial piece of my success.

The below video walks you through the free promotional tools that exist on Goodreads, most of which are unknown to most authors. In the next eleven minutes, you can find out how to take advantage of the website that has over 55 million members - ALL of whom are readers and reviewers. 

Need more of a beginner's course in Goodreads? Click here for a video on claiming your author profile and adding a new book.

The below video will show you:

  • How to Make Status Updates on Goodreads
  • How to Create Blog Posts that will notify Goodreads users 10+ times
  • How to Create Events for Releases
  • Where to put promotional items such as teasers and purchase links
  • How to Create a Goodreads Giveaway

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SECRET #3: Finding and Creating a Network

There is strength in numbers, and making alliances with other authors isn't just a smart move - it's a necessary one. Here are some rules for networking success:

  1. Find authors similar to yourself. It doesn't make sense for a superstar to partner up with a newbie. You want to find equitable networking partners - approach and introduce yourself to authors who:
    • write in your genre
    • have similar numbers of social media followers
    • have strong reviews and a similar style to yours
    • release a similar number of novels per year
  2. Be professional. Authors will avoid other authors that they view to be 'pot-stirrers' or 'drama queens'. Be pleasant and professional in your interactions, be prompt in communication, and honor your commitments. 
  3. Form a group. Have some accountability between your members and set clear rules and expectations. Cross promote each others' sales, releases and cover reveals. Feature each other in your newsletters. Their success will mean more success for you


I hope this was helpful! If you are serious about finding self-publishing success, enroll in my How to Market Your Novel online course! You can take it at your own pace, the content never expires, and you can rewatch lessons at any time! 

Thanks for tuning into my Reedsy LIVE workshop! Check out Reedsy here, and enroll in my How to Market Your Book course here.

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