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Amping Up Chemistry Between Characters

The secret to increasing chemistry between characters often starts with an incendiary spark. It’s in the details. A glance, a touch, the fleeting thought of wanting more. But chemistry is also closely rooted in the basics of good storytelling. Here are three quick tips to see if your story is on track, and what to look for if it’s falling flat.

The Elusive Critique Partners & Beta Readers

Often authors, especially new authors, need a helping hand - someone to read their manuscript as they go and give critical feedback. A great solution for this need is to find a critique partner - another author in your genre, someone who you can trade off services with. You read their work-in-progress, and they read yours.

Stuck in the midst of your story?

Writer's block can hover over your shoulder, silent and deadly, until the weak moment in your manuscript when BAM! it can hit. But I've been paying attention to when mine decides to strike, and I've found that it is typically caused by a few major villains. Knock out those villains, and you might just avoid a blockage all-together.