When your book release flops...

When your book release flops...

I don’t like to talk about this. In fact, we all AVOID the subject of failed releases. We rave about our books online, and then crawl up in a corner and sob. When we all hide our pain, it’s easy to feel like you are alone in your struggles.

You aren’t.

The longer you write, the greater your chance of both success and failure. With each success, our expectations rise and we put even more pressure on our novels. When they don't perform to that level, it can cause very intensive feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and depression.

It's the ugly side of writing, and I wanted to address it in today's post because there are ways to overcome it, and Kandi Steiner recently made an awesome video to help you through the dark.

If you don't follow Kandi on Instagram, you're missing out on an awesome series she has through her IG stories, called the Writer Struggle Series. Last week she posted this video, which really spoke to me - and she was kind enough to send me the file so that I could share it with you.

Here are five tips Kandi shares for curing your release flop woes:

  1. Look for solutions. Don't give up after day one. Put a couple of weeks of work into this book. Examine your book's presentation, your marketing, your ads and look for possible issues. Experience and see if anything helps your sales.

  2. Redefine success. Look at the positives that came from this book. Did you branch into a new genre? Write a book you are proud of? Gain new readers? 

  3. Let it go. Release your anger and frustration and move on to your next book with fresh and positive energy. Kandi recommends mediation.

  4. Fall in love with writing again. Remember why you write. Find a new idea you are passionate about, dismiss your fears, and pour your energy into a new book.

  5. Make a plan. When you're ready to publish again, look back at your failed release and see if you can pull any lessons from that 'failure'. Learn from your mistakes, ask others for advice, and see if you can move onto the next release with a plan in place.

That summary doesn't capture her full insightfulness and well-needed pep talk - so I encourage you to watch the full video (or save it for a rainy day when you're feeling blue). 

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I’d love to know ways that you recovered from a failed release. Please use the comments section below to share your experiences!

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