iBooks & Psuedonyms, sitting in a tree..

iBooks & Psuedonyms, sitting in a tree..

Want to have your pseudonym show up on your iBooks listing, instead of your real name? It's simple and easy, and I'm going to show you the steps:

STEP 1: 

Log into iTunes Connect. (If you have never done this before, you'll use your Apple ID and password, then you need to go through the steps of giving them your tax information, address, bank account (so they can pay you), etc. 

STEP 2: 

Click on the Contact Us link in the bottom right corner (see pic)

step 1 ibooks psuedo.jpg

STEP 3: 

Use the dropdown menus to select Contracts and Legal, then Updating Legal Entity Information, then Name/Structure Changes, and then Change iBooks Store Seller Name to DBA or Pen Name.

STEP 4: 

Click on the second Contact Us hyperlink. The first one doesn't do anything but raise your frustration level and work out your mouse button. :) 

step 2 - ibooks psuedo.jpg

STEP 5: 

Fill out the form (Scroll down for more info).

step 3.jpg

Proof of DBA is pretty easy - upload your state docs and be done. But you might be scratching your head and wondering how you are going to prove your pen name. I did it by uploading my Copyright documentation, which clearly has a 'pseudonym' section. I also have publisher contracts, which state my real name and my pseudonym. But if you are a brand new author, and haven't yet published your first book - you may not be able to do this quite yet, unless you file a DBA. 

But then, how will I publish on iBooks?  Use a distributor like Draft2Digital or Smashwords

Once you've completed the form, and uploaded your proof, click SUBMIT.



Wait for an email from iTunes. If they need more information or don't like your documentation, they will reach out to you via email. 

That's it! I got a response within 3 days, but they can take up to a week. 

Want more help writing, marketing, or publishing a book? Click here for step-by-step online courses! 



Using two newsletter providers?

Using two newsletter providers?

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