The 1-star Review

It happens. You're celebrating your latest release. Or checking in on your book babies. And there, popping out at you, is the worst thing to happen to your day.

The one-star review.

I've never met one that didn't elicit some sort of emotional response in me.

How to Properly Launch Your Book

Need an overview of the steps involved in marketing your new release? Launching your novel can be a confusing process - here I take ten minutes and give you a quick summary of the different steps you should cover when you release a book.

How to Properly Use Amazon Keywords

Amazon keywords have always been a mystery to me. How do you pick the right ones? And what do keywords really DO anyway? Turns out, they really matter. Using the right Amazon keywords can get your book listed in categories that you can't normally select. Random categories like Military Romance, or Love-Triangle Romance. 

The FIRST thing you should do on Goodreads...

Authors avoid Goodreads. They sprint past it like a child running past a dark room, as if they don't look, and don't pause, the monsters there might not actually exist. But just like the dark room with the imaginary monsters - there is nothing to fear about Goodreads. And actually ... that dark room is a treasure trove of free promotional tools and avid readers.