Book Mockups in a *Snap*

Book Mockups in a *Snap*

I recently discovered (and fell in love) with a graphic design tool created specifically for authors and book promoters. If you’re paying graphic designers or photoshop fees to create ebook mockups or promotional items - take a few minutes to look at BookBrush, which allows for really quick and easy creation of graphics.

I just created three graphics in only ten minutes, using their drag and drop templates. Check out the before and after pics below.

Book Brush Ex 1.png

You can customize almost every single part of the templates, including text, font, colors, backgrounds, and overlays.

In the above example, I changed the background, button colors, text, and overlay. In the below example, I just changed the font, text and added in my book cover.

Book Brush Ex 2.png

Another really cool aspect of BookBrush is their stamps. I replaced the 'Read Now' text in the below example with a KindleUnlimited stamp - but they have dozens to choose from. I really like how professional and on-brand they look.

Book Brush Ex 3.png

I strongly urge you to check BookBrush out! They have a free limited access that will allow you to play around with the tool (click below to watch my video tour of the full access). If you do decide to upgrade to the paid plan, use promo code TORRE15 to save!

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I hope you check out BookBrush! Members of the Inkers group are raving about, and I know you will love it too.

Are you ready to write full time?

Are you ready to write full time?