A year of text messaging... the results

With social media visibility on the decline, and newsletters competing for inbox attention, I recently turned my attention to text message marketing. With text messages boosting of 90%+ deliverability rates, I was curious to see the affect that they might have on my sales.

When Plagiarism Hits

Plagiarism isn’t common in the writing world, but when it hits, it can be deadly. This was a sad week in publishing, as a popular author was caught stealing content from several bestsellers, including Tessa Dare, Courtney Milan, and Bella Andr

Amping Up Chemistry Between Characters

The secret to increasing chemistry between characters often starts with an incendiary spark. It’s in the details. A glance, a touch, the fleeting thought of wanting more. But chemistry is also closely rooted in the basics of good storytelling. Here are three quick tips to see if your story is on track, and what to look for if it’s falling flat.

17 Gifts Every Author Secretly Wants

Writers aren’t the easiest people to shop for. We rarely go out in public. We mumble a lot. Curse at fictional characters. But we do LOVE thoughtful little gifts that remind us that there is a world out there, full of people who love us, and who are willing to overlook our idiosyncrasies.

Earning 6-figures on a backlist book…

A year ago, I published a passion project called The Ghostwriter. It was a story that was begging to be told, but one I didn't think would appeal to my followers.

My audience had been built on sexy romance novels, and I didn't think ANY of them would be interested in a trigger-loaded, emotional suspense about a terminally ill author hiding a secret.

When BOO can be BAD...

Unless you're Dean Koontz or Steven King - scaring readers isn't what most authors hope for. Yet, that's what so many of us do! We scare readers away from our books. You might be doing it RIGHT NOW, and not even realize it.

Amazon Ads

One powerful tool during your book's release week (or at any point in a book's life cycle) is Amazon's AMS paid ads.

There are two types: Sponsored Products and Product Display Ads.